City Hall … Late Is An Absolute

For those people at Ottawa City Hall who would tell you that the city will get damages from the delay in LRT, that it’s not really a delay and that somehow that $1-million fine is just around the corner, we give you this.

Late is late:



For $2.1 billion, Ottawa taxpayers deserve better … much better.


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3 thoughts on “City Hall … Late Is An Absolute

  1. When I first saw the image, I thought … that is an apple, in fact, a red delicious apple after watching the presentation I wondered if I was correct in my first evaluation, perhaps it is a banana.

    After great thought, that took a full ‘nano-second’, I have concluded it is an apple … I’ve just lived in this darn city for to long and can’t trust anything I hear or see.


    1. Anne Marie, I share your sentiment.

      You would think with all the hot air expended in this city by politicians that it would be warmer.

      I was misinformed.




  2. We know that zoning bylaws and other regulations are just vague suggestions at City Hall. Why would we expect that timelines and deadlines would be any different? As long as it’s within a decade or so of the promised date, surely that’s precise enough. That’s, of course, assuming that the language of the original promise isn’t constructed so that a Mack truck or two can safely pass each other on their way through it with room to spare.


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