City Hall Refuses Respected Journalist Answers

Why could Citizen columnist Kelly Egan not get an Ottawa City Hall person to address the issue of disappearing parking spots downtown in a week?

Open, caring and inclusive … that’s what the city strove for at amalgamation.

Today closed, uncaring and exclusive. Add cowardly and arrogant.

That is what the government in Ottawa, supposedly closest to the people, has become.

Here’s Egan:

“The city is so worried about the problem, I couldn’t get a soul on the phone this week to talk about the issue.”

Egan is a respected journalist with no doubt valuable questions to ask.

Maybe city hall doesn’t know how to deal with a real journalist.


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2 thoughts on “City Hall Refuses Respected Journalist Answers

  1. I learned many years ago that Canada was founded on something referred to as responsible government. Apparently this is not the case in our nation’s capital.

    Thank you Anne Marie. I feel partially responsible for the (insert your favourite expletive here) government on Laurier Avenue since I did cast a vote in 2014. I will not be making the same mistakes this time around.


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