City Hall Reporters On The Move?


Speculation is running rampant through Ottawa City Hall that major changes could be coming the ranks of journalists covering municipal affairs.

The concern comes after Postmedia (which owns the Citizen and Sun) announced it would try to save about 20 per cent of its salary costs after already cutting 800 employees over the last year. Postmedia, which publishes newspapers across the country, has about 4,000 employees.

Last month Postmedia reported that its losses increased by 84 per cent. That loss was $99.4 million over the past quarter.

Staff are reported to be receiving a buyout offer of three weeks salary for each year of employment to a maximum of 78 weeks or $150,000.

There is talk of some reporters being moved to the Citizen’s Baxter Road office from city hall to cover the loss of personel there to the buyouts.



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