City Has Rideau, LRT Confidence Crisis: Poll





The results from our two polls say a few things.

First, Bulldog readers and no doubt the public are concerned for their safety on Rideau Street. They perceive the construction of the light-rail tunnel and three sinkholes on that street as a threat to their well-being.

Second and in addition, Bulldog readers and no doubt the public are concerned for their safety when riding the LRT upon completion.

This is a very serious issue. The city is spending $6 billion on the first two phases of light rail yet people are scared to ride it.

Contributing to this, one can surmise, is the fact that the city within a week has been caught in two lies: one is the failed attempt to not call the third Rideau Street sinkhole a sinkhole for public-relations reasons; and two is the fact the city lied about not receiving phone calls from the province about the safe-injection site.

So the city is likely to respond, if it responds at all, to these two polls by saying that they are sensational and that the light-rail system is safe. What is sensational is that the city through these two instances simply can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

So is the public about to trust the city when it says LRT is safe? If the public is smart, no.

Here are the results:



Photo above: One of Ottawa’s award-winning light-rail stations.


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3 thoughts on “City Has Rideau, LRT Confidence Crisis: Poll

  1. The city’s spin doctors must be reeling.

    They have, on many occasions, shown that they understand the concept of spin:
    — they spin Lansdowne;
    — they spin Orgaworld;
    — they issue bad news press releases on the first day of long weekends;
    — they spun the Mooney’s Bay Park misdeeds;
    — they spun the so-called LRT audit;
    — they tried to put a positive spin on missing money, ridership and road paint;
    — and they showed that the mayor was a strong leader (yep – he wasn’t going to let Quebec’s Bill 62 push his Ontario buses around)

    BUT — now the spin may have come home to roost because two spins in a row aren’t spinning well:
    — the sinkholes story isn’t passing the smell test;
    — who the heck lies about telephone calls?

    Methinks the doctors have sunk to a new low.


    1. All excellent points, Chaz, but without more information about these polls (like how many voted) their results mean little, not to speak of the bias built into the questions. Coming from a bona fide journalist, this is disappointing.

  2. If the tunnel is safe, then let our municipal politicians use actions rather than words. For the first year of operation, suggest the mayor and all city councilors be mandated to use the LRT (from one end to the other) once daily. The mayor must continue to use it daily, end to end, Monday to Friday, for his term in office. In the 2nd year, 1/4 of councilors to use LRT daily, again end-to-end, minimum five days per week. All trips to be publicly recorded to reassure voters.


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