City Makes Grim Rail Mistake


Oh no.

How did the City of Ottawa forget to tell the Canadian Transportation Agency that it was ripping up railway track on the approaches to the Prince of Wales Bridge? Furthermore, the city is putting a building on part of the approach, again without permission from the CTA.

Making the POW Bridge ready for cross-river transit has been pegged by the city at between $20 million to $40 million. One estimate says replacing the ripped-up track would cost $25 million. Good grief. Why not just put light rail across the span instead of wasting $25 million?

Meanwhile Mayor Jim Watson says using the bridge could cost up to $100 million. Watson doesn’t even know what his own staff has told him.

Time for a serious mayor.


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7 thoughts on “City Makes Grim Rail Mistake

  1. ” Oh no”

    In a Star Trek movie, good ole Captain Kirk delivers a final line just seconds before the character dies. His last line in his last Star Trek movie was, “Oh my”. :)


  2. We should not be surprised that the city has failed to understand its obligations to the Canadian Transportation Agency as it pertains to the Prince of Wales Bridge.

    This is the same city that decided to start construction on Phase 1 of the LRT without first securing the land rights to its western exit. This is the same city that didn’t understand that Orgaworld’s maximum capacity per day was the real constraint, not the annual capacity of its facility, when negotiating the terms of the long-term contract.

    Those who fail to learn from their mistakes, which would require acknowledging that mistakes were made, are destined to repeat them.

    1. Ron:

      And if we had an aggressive, questioning council, maybe some of these problems would have been caught.



      1. As I said Ken, it would require acknowledging that mistakes have occurred. The failure to acknowledge these mistakes rests on the shoulders of our elected officials. The credibility of our elected officials erodes when everyone sees the failures, but no one in a position of authority acknowledges the failure, let alone takes visible steps to correct the situation.

        1. Ron:

          And very few of the councillors get real opponents to replace them if they’ve done a bad job.



  3. The movie A Bridge Too Far soon to be an Ottawa sequel. A Train Too Far or a Train Far Too Expensive To Nowhere.

  4. Yet another episode for the boondoggle list.

    The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing in this City, and the Council and the Mayor don’t care! It’s only money.

    Anne Marie


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