City Plugs Lansdowne, Ignores Sens

This is just getting childish. The City of Ottawa is playing favourites, yet again, for its partner at Lansdowne, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group.

This is only a routine press release advertising events in the upcoming week in Ottawa.

No big deal except that it contains five references to events at Lansdowne where the city and OSEG partner but nothing about two games during this period with the Senators at Canadian Tire Centre. One of those games includes arch Battle of Ontario foe, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

This is just petty except for the fact that on a larger scale, the City of Ottawa is showing its conflict of interest.

The municipality is denying at LeBreton Flats 50 per cent of remediation costs for polluted land (on which the new arena is to be built) to the Senators for their new arena. That money is given to all developers who build on contaminated land. Except the Senators.

So obviously with its Lansdowne partnership the municipality cannot rise above its conflict of interest.

The city’s MO? Favour Lansdowne where it has a financial interest and make it tough on the Senators. That’s lousy public policy.

It’s good reason to rethink public-private partnerships. How many other conflicts of interest does Ottawa have with PPPs?

Here is the release from the City of Ottawa:





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3 thoughts on “City Plugs Lansdowne, Ignores Sens

  1. CTC is 100% privately owned by the Sens therefore events at that location can and should be promoted by the Sens rather than the city, and based on the email that I got this morning (as well as the ads I see on Facebook all the time) the Sens are capable of promoting upcoming events at CTC just fine.


    1. Duke, along the same lines, I am sure that OSEG is more than capable of promoting upcoming events at Lansdowne, without any assistance from the city’s PR department.


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