City Ponders Cycling Lanes For Slater, Albert


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

To see the document, just click on the highlighted words below:



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6 thoughts on “City Ponders Cycling Lanes For Slater, Albert

  1. Why don’t we just ban all cars from all Ottawa streets?

    No doubt the mayor and his merry band will then be satisfied.

  2. This may be a step towards shifting the bicycle lanes off of Laurier. Having said that, it will likely be a few years before anything actually happens.

  3. Beveryl Friedman stated it well.

    This Mayor and Council are completely out of control. This is our city, not theirs. They are supposed to be representing the interests, wants and needs of all citizens.

    Anne Marie

  4. Well, as much as it pains me to say this, and goodness knows I really dislike bike lanes, this isn’t really a bad idea. The possibility of putting in directional lanes on Albert/Slater for bikes and possibly removing the fiasco on Laurier is intriguing. I’m glad the City is doing a study on the feasibility of repurposing those lanes but they should wait until after the LRT is operational to determine whether or not those lanes will be needed by buses. The last thing we need is to repurpose that blacktop then discover in a few months to a year that we need it for vehicular traffic of some kind. The LRT is a completely unknown factor we’re adding to the transit equation right now so it would be best to keep our options open.


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