City Rolls Out 25-Per-Cent Stormwater Fee Increase


These are releases from the City of Ottawa:

Please find attached a memo and appendix regarding Phase II – Implementation of New Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Fee Communications Plan.

Phase II water rate structure implementation

Water & sewer bills


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2 thoughts on “City Rolls Out 25-Per-Cent Stormwater Fee Increase

  1. Once again more charges for less service but in both official languages. Can I have mine in Swahili? Storm water running into a ditch in a rural environment is now considered by the City of Ottawa to be a service chargeable to the property owner. What next? Air charges to breathe?

  2. The street I live on is classified as a “private street”.
    We pay personally for our hydrants to be tested and maintained, for our sewers to be flushed, for repairs to our sewage system, for parking patrol, etc. The City does not spray our sewer lines for WNV, so…people..two blocks from me.. the little suckers are not being taken care of. We also pay for all of the aforementioned on our city tax bill..a service that the City does not give us.
    Since the ’80s..the City has calculated that doubling your water intake is your sewage has not changed but many have only begun to realize this (where were they when objections were put forth?).
    The unreasonable charges are not new and they are not right. They have now attacked, in 2017 a very vocal and connected group. I wish they had been around years ago and social media had been in existence.

    There is no logic, there is no rational excuse unless you want to state facts…it’s to cover the bills for the overpriced LRT! and other idiocy.

    TO THIS CITY:… I do NOT have a money tree in my back yard! Neither does anyone else.

    I apologize in advance for grammar, etc. I am one fed-up taxpayer!!

    Anne Marie


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