City Snow App Snowed Residents


So long Where’s My Plow? app. We knew you and loved you well.

The app was a treasure trove of media stories.

Better known as Where’s My #%$&)* Plow?, the app kicked off in a season in which the city was caught flat-footed on the first storm’s plowing.

And then like so many things at Ottawa City Hall, the app didn’t work. It was the Orgaworld contract of apps.

It had been hailed as a high-tech way for residents to discover when their street would be graced with a plow.

According to the city, the plows were being shown as late and didn’t reveal that plows were working on arterial roads.

The app made the municipality look bad and at city hall that’s a capital offence.



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3 thoughts on “City Snow App Snowed Residents

  1. The app didn’t show that “plows were working on arterial roads.”

    Was that because it was set up only to show when they were on your street? Or was it because the plows that weren’t on your street were also not on arterial roads?

    The city also didn’t like having to explain to people that their particular street was a low priority in the pecking order. Prior to the existence of the app, people may have felt they were always the last to be plowed.

    The app very helpfully confirmed that feeling and gave the specifics of how far down the list you were.
    The other reason it’s gone is that, with the changed plowing time frames, people are going to wait longer to see a plow and, depending on the amount of snowfall, may not see one as quickly as in the past. It’s bad enough that they lower standards – they don’t want you to have a way to compare the old and the new.

  2. What a shame that we don’t have a high-tech sector in this city, or an Innovation Centre, able to assist Ottawa City Hall with this confounding problem.

    I guess we shall have to resort to the old-fashioned method of hiring a youngster in the neighbourhood, equipped with binoculars, to climb a very tall tree and act as a lookout.

  3. I think they should keep the app. It can be used to make you FEEL good about when the plow is coming and it will SEEM like the city is doing a good job.

    The answer to all inquirers using the app will be – “Pretty soon, we are on the way”

    Mr. Leiper , for one, likes to use the logic of seems like and feels safe on the bike lane problem so why not extend that attitude to everything.

    City Hall could use this in many areas :

    – Is the LRT on budget? – Seems like it’s on budget and feels like it’s on time too.
    – Is untreated waste being dumped in the river? – Seems like it’s ok and feels like there is nothing to be concerned about.
    – How is the funding from Sinking Ships progressing? – Seems like they will raise their share and feels like we won’t get stuck with covering any shortage.



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