City Spending Priorities Are Ridiculous

This is grim.

The city says it would cost an extra $66,000 to have one-day turnaround on emails.

The city is worrying about $66,000.

The municipality is overspending by $3.2 billion on the first two phases of light rail. Maybe their priorities are a tad skewed.

This is reminiscent of the debate on whether light rail should have pay toilets.

You’re spending $6 billion and you’re worried about pay toilets.

Penny wise, pound foolish.



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5 thoughts on “City Spending Priorities Are Ridiculous

  1. Priorities is right!

    How much did the fancy Ottawa letters cost?
    Why is the city paying out $120,000 (current cost estimate), to a create a new pedestrian plaza in the ByWard Market to that the letters have a proper backdrop. Full on-street parking capacity on York Street won’t be reinstated. How much money will businesses continue to loose?



    1. Anne Marie:

      I don’t really know why we are mimicking the same sign Toronto has but with a different word.

      Are we so bankrupt for ideas that we have to take others’.




  2. Ken,
    ‘bankrupt of ideas’ — big time!
    Very few, if any, original ideas in Ottawa for a long time.
    Canada 150 was an opportunity and we all know what was presented as ‘happening events’.
    The Gatineau Mosaic stood out. The lighting of the Chaudiere Falls will probably be well received.


  3. Nothing costs anything if it doesn’t involve hiring extra staff or paying extra overtime.

    Re-allocating the existing staff to do something new during the existing work day has zero cost.


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