City Wants Your Input Into The Little Things


The City of Ottawa is eager to have your opinions on harmless options such as naming an arena.

But when it comes to getting public input on the most important planning document in a decade, the high-rise and zoning report, well the city does its best to hide it. The city wants its way and so does the development community. And it gets it.

The city press release is below:

City seeking public input on commemorative naming proposal

The City of Ottawa’s Commemorative Naming Committee is conducting public consultations to name the arena within the Manotick Community Centre, located at 5572 Doctor Leach Drive,  “Mike O’Neil Arena”

Mike O’Neil Arena (Ward 21 – Rideau Goulbourn)

In recognition of his extensive community service, the City of Ottawa has been asked to name the arena within the Manotick Community Centre, located at 5572 Doctor Leach Drive, “Mike O’Neil Arena”.  Mr. O’Neil is a long-time Manotick resident and devoted community advocate. He has championed many local initiatives and has been involved with significant fundraising activities. With a keen passion for hockey, Mr. O’Neil has spent years involved in the local hockey community. His commitment and leadership has resulted in substantial community enhancements for Manotick residents and businesses.

View the proposal online at Commemorative Naming page on


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2 thoughts on “City Wants Your Input Into The Little Things

  1. Must be an election coming and Rideau-Goulbourn Councillor Scott Moffatt might be feeling a bit worried about his cream-puff job and his bobble-head routine at council so let’s name something to distract the public and garner some photo ops and free campaign publicity. The incumbent always has the upper hand.

  2. “Free campaign publicity” that will come out of his annual expense budget, provided by all the taxpayers in Ottawa. He won’t need to spend any of his campaign contributions here.


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