City Wants Your Opinion On The Little Issues


The city gives the public 24 hours to provide opinions on the height-and-zoning report.

No public consultation is held on towers as much as 35 storeys above zoning and one such project is rammed through over Canada Day weekend.

The addition on the Chateau Laurier, which is a vital part of the Parliamentary district and an area that symbolizes our rights, freedoms and democracy, will be decided by bureaucrats outside the public realm because Mayor Jim Watson doesn’t want the controversy to interfere with his re-election bid.

However at the apex of hypocrisy, city staff wants your opinion on little public spaces in the ByWard Market. Neat.

Now about those 65 storeys at 900 Albert … hello … are you there … hello? The city just stopped listening:

The ByWard Market is an important place in Ottawa, and the City wants to improve its public spaces. We want the Market to remain a popular destination and an iconic place in Ottawa, and we need your ideas.

We’re launching a public realm study to create a vision for the network of public spaces in the ByWard Market, including streets, sidewalks, parks, squares and plazas. The study will establish a plan to guide future improvements to the ByWard Market’s public spaces, and also set out strategies and partnerships to enliven key public places. Our goal is to beautify, connect and enhance the public spaces, and make them inclusive, safe and inviting.

What’s your vision for the ByWard Market? Please take our short survey to share your ideas and help plan the future of the ByWard Market. Find out what others envision for the ByWard Market by watching our video.

Learn more about the ByWard Market Public Realm Plan.


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7 thoughts on “City Wants Your Opinion On The Little Issues

    1. The Byward Market is more than a business area. It’s a top tourist destination rich in history that is woefully neglected by the city as it desperately attempts to promote Lansdowne.

  1. Rest assured everyone, the bike gnomes are out in full force on this one.

    Topic of choice is of course the banning of cars between Rideau and Murray (even heard St. Patrick mentioned); Dalhousie and Sussex. Taking over that paved area to put down cafes, patios, and street merchants and such. Think of the possibilities and the increase in tourist traffic … It’s close to the LRT station, it will be cycling and pedestrian friendly, it’ll be totally wonderful. Sunshine and rainbows for all. And we’ll have a way to track the huge uptick in shopping with Councillor Jeff Leiper’s ibikeibuy app.

    1. Shopping … no cars in the market would kill the retail businesses.

      You can only have so many bike repair shops in one area.

  2. In an effort to achieve a more efficient consultation process, the city has invoked the following technology solution:
    > All incoming submissions will be directed to the Deleted Items folder.
    > The Deleted Items folder will be emptied automatically every hour on the hour.

    1. Ron:

      Oh yes. I forgot.

      You can lead a city staffer to a consultation, but you can’t make him listen.



    2. The Public Realm Plan? If city hall was as effective at running the city as it was at creating catchy phrases (my personal favourite is “traffic calming”), then we could start getting somewhere.


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