City Won’t Declare State Of Emergency Due To Flooding


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Memo to Council – Flood Warning – May 5 – Final


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4 thoughts on “City Won’t Declare State Of Emergency Due To Flooding

  1. Does anyone know if it makes any difference to the way insurance companies respond to a claim related to flooding if the City has declared an emergency? Does it speed up the payout or change the info a claimant has to provide?

  2. The Voter,
    If you do not have overland flooding coverage on your insurance…you will not be covered.
    Many are unaware of the changes to flood/water coverage on their policies though it all changed a couple of years ago.
    The mayor states that this makes no difference when it comes to claims from disaster assist yet, Rockland made their ‘state of emergency’ after consultations and being informed it did make a difference.

    Anne Marie

    1. Anne Marie,
      I found out first hand about overland flooding not being covered. A beaver dam broke in my back forty and rushed towards my back yard. It removed a truck load of soil and sod as it went by. Not covered by insurance.

    2. The mayor’s comments were related to people being able to access government flood funding which isn’t the only reason a state of emergency declaration can help someone. I know that in Alberta some insurance companies require less ‘proof’ of your losses if you’re in an area where a the declaration has been made. Some also expedited payments in those communities. I was wondering whether that’s also the case in Ontario and Quebec.
      I know that you need specific types of insurance to be able to claim in the circumstances that are covered and which you may or may not be made aware of by your insurance company. It’s well past time that government required insurance policies to be written in a way that an ordinary person could understand. Want to drive an insurance agent mad? Go through your policy clause by clause and ask them to explain it all to you. My bet is that most agents couldn’t do it because they only understand it slightly better than you do. Policies are worded very carefully for the benefit of insuring that the company doesn’t have to pay out one penny more than they absolutely must.


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