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If you are commenting or reading comments on The Bulldog or The Bulldog Forum, clear your browser cache. Do it regularly.

That way you get the latest comments rather than opinions from three or four hours (or days) ago.

You see The Bulldog is set up to clear the website’s cache every three minutes. Because of that, you get information almost immediately … such as your comments in The Bulldog and replies and topics in The Bulldog Forum.

But if your browser is storing an old copy of The Bulldog, you don’t see the latest posts and comments. Same with The Bulldog Forum.

Google has the instructions for clearing your browser’s cache. Chrome (which The Bulldog recommends for reading the website) is pretty good about giving you the latest copy of The Bulldog and The Bulldog Forum. Firefox is not and it needs its cache cleared regularly.

Strangely old Internet Explorer is probably the best at giving you the latest edition, but in other respects, it’s pretty clunky. The cache of Safari was not tested.

So clear your cache Bulldog readers and get involved in the debate on the website.


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5 thoughts on “Clear Cache For Latest Bulldogs, Comments, Forum

  1. Ken,
    I cleared my cookies. I don’t know what they are but I did it.
    Were there any chocolate chip ones in there? I like chocolate chip.


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