Coming To A Shopping Centre Near You



What with e-commerce and free delivery these days, bricks-and-mortar retailers are squeezed.

Here is how they are fighting back in five ways from Modern Cities:

Retailers and landlords alike are responding to consumers’ need for experience by blurring the lines between experience, retail, and restaurants. Shopping centers are becoming a social arena where shoppers can eat, drink, socialize and shop. “There’s a good chance that the shopping center as we know it will look completely different ten years from now,” added Mr. Conway. “We all have to continue to adapt; when you have an innovative mind-set new ideas come to light. It’s a pivotal time for the industry and we feel lucky to be a part of its evolution.”

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2 thoughts on “Coming To A Shopping Centre Near You

  1. The automobile brought us shopping centres, the Internet is changing and closing them down. Technology is often transformative.


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