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The picture below pretty much tells you what has happened to contemporary journalism, if that’s the correct term for it. Here we have hard-hitting Citizen reporter Matthew Pearson holding a microphone for a competitor so that the CBC can learn what Mayor Jim Watson has to say about repainting the rainbow crosswalks on Bank Street. This extremely staged event was turned into two publicly funded press releases by the mayor for the “refreshing” of paint originally laid down two years ago. That’s right in there with his recent “celebration” of refilling potholes. At some point this event consisted of paint drying. People sometimes describe boring as paint drying. But how do you describe paint drying a second time as at this dog-and-pony show? Boring times two? And is this Pearson taking this pic from the paint-drying event via selfie on Twitter? How did the pixels not just dissipate into the ether from lack of heft? Most certainly dog-eat-dog competition in the journalism world these days. Apparently Postmedia top mandarin Paul Godfrey wants the federal taxpayer to subsidize this vaporous news coverage. Gee whiz, Paul, is this why only one in 10 Canadians subscribes to newspapers? Somewhere Woodward and Bernstein are weeping and weeping and weeping … Former Capital councillor Clive Doucet didn’t have to do this, this running for mayor. Perhaps he was hoping someone else would take on Mayor Jim Watson and his badly run administration. But no one did. For this election, it’s not about Doucet unlike the incumbent against whom he is running. This election for Doucet is not about the former councillor. His campaign is about Ottawa. Watson’s campaign inevitably is about Watson … God bless Premier Doug Ford. He will allow cannabis sales in private locations, not just through the LCBO. Is this the right decision? Probably not but then who is your agent to disagree with a premier who knows all kinds of stuff about selling cannabis? … This week Toronto City Council turned into a shouting match. God bless ’em. The only noises you hear at Ottawa City Council are Bobbleheads dozing off and snoring over reports they never read …


News on the march.


In contrast, we give you the great journalist Edward R. Murrow who risked his life on a bombing raid over Berlin in the Second World War.



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