Cookie Monster Or Miss Piggy For PSB? You Choose


Yesterday in a response to frequent Bulldog contributor Ron Benn, your agent suggested if Police Services Board chairman Eli El-Chantiry was canned, Mayor Jim Watson would probably replace him with a Muppet.

So here they are … the candidates for chairman of the Ottawa Police Services Board.

Readers … choose the one you think is best:



In fact do you see some standing committee chairman candidates there, too?



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5 thoughts on “Cookie Monster Or Miss Piggy For PSB? You Choose

        1. Ron,
          Picture Walter’s character from the grumpy old men movie, add a beard that has grown to below the chest and ta-da – it’s me. ( and rather than the car, I have put a dead fish in a friends sleeping bag )

  1. Whichever muppet, male or female, does not worry about being part of the pack but speaks softly and carries a big stick.


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