Crashed Ice Video Vanishes On The Bulldog


Interesting to note that when a Crashed Ice video was embedded into the post City Presents Its Trump Alternative Facts: Reader, it was quickly pulled from YouTube and thus The Bulldog post.

Frequent Bulldog contributor Ron Benn in the post gave his interpretation of the tizzy that occurred at City Hall about the attendance figures at one of the key Ottawa 2017 events.

The Bulldog does not know who did the deed or for what reason the embedded video was pulled from YouTube. Its removal might have been a coincidence.

The Bulldog replaced the video with another.



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4 thoughts on “Crashed Ice Video Vanishes On The Bulldog

  1. Ken,
    Perhaps you could hire Jan L or find out what she is talking about.

    It’s all Greek to me.

    I had enough trouble just figuring out how to reset the digital clock .

    Chaz :)


  2. Ken,
    I watched the above video clip and the one on the other post too.

    If that was what spectators came to see then no wonder fewer than expected came. Boring and stupid quasi-sport.


  3. Perhaps the City people thought we were all going to start counting heads in the video to undermine their attendance numbers.
    Maybe one of the sponsors wants to monetize the video and they thought you sending it out free to all your followers reduced their potential profits. They may not have understood the concept of YouTube being available to all.


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