Cullen Puts Sewage Tunnel In Perspective


Former city councillor Alex Cullen might have got to the bottom of the big combined sewage storage tunnel question.

Many of us were wondering if this were a re-announcement or what was going on.

This is Cullen from Twitter:




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4 thoughts on “Cullen Puts Sewage Tunnel In Perspective

  1. I would have hoped that the Nation’s Capital would have fixed this decades ago.
    The Nation’s Capital is just another polluter of the water we drink. No wonder everyone buys water in a bottle.

  2. Yes the big tunnel project to prevent combined sewer runoff into the Ottawa River has been around for some time. But my question is – if we do not intend to separate the sanitary and storm sewer systems in old parts of the city, why are there not land-use and other regulations to encourage water permeability in the combined sewer zone?
    In the part of the city in which storm water is a problem, should we not be cautious in approving projects that make the problem worse? Could some incentive not be offered to avoiding paving over our downtown area where combined sewers seem permanent?
    One simple example is the recent approval for coach houses in backyards. Since this new policy will affect storm water runoff (unlike secondary dwelling units in existing buildings), why was the combined sewer district not specified for distinct regulation?

    1. Brocklebank:

      I talked to a developer once at a public meeting and asked how he was going to handle water runoff on a project.

      That was no problem, he said. We just connect to the storm sewers.

      I don’t think he gets it.

      Lots of education needed on this topic.

      cheers and thx for the comment



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