Cyclists’ Tightly Closed Minds

The steel-trap bike-gnome minds on Twitter’s #ottbike respond to The Bulldog:


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2 thoughts on “Cyclists’ Tightly Closed Minds

  1. Ken:

    People need stories to bring points home. Christ told stories, Aesop told stories, fairy tales are stories. old shaggy dog jokes are stories. The law presented as the 10 Commandments isn’t as effective as a story about throwing the first stone or a story where one is visualizing a camel squeezing through the eye of a needle.

    Sometimes stories tell more than those statistics and surveys that tell absolutely zilch.

    It is very difficult for most people to carry two thoughts at the same time; hence, they assume that if one is against the current painted solution then one is against bike lanes.

    They can not admit or will not admit that the painted solution is a silly, cheap solution. They see some action and assume that some action is better than no action. They are unable to demand that a true solution be implemented.

    Being placated is as good as being satisfied – no it ain’t.

    Wake up cyclists – a half-baked solution is no solution at all. Demand safety, demand that the city do a proper job. Demand that an additional 68 per cent reduction in accidents is important to cure, too.

    I do, indeed, use the word stupid with love – it is no worse than calling them gnomes.



  2. I’m an avid cyclist.
    The first time I saw a painted green lane I was travelling south on Bank Street in m car, approaching Sunnyside. The right-hand lane contained green paint and a some bicycle icons. “What does this mean?” immediately went through my head. I’m sure representatives from the city and the bicycle lobby understood, but the general public needs to be informed. And there’s the rub. How can this information be communicated to everyone in the city. Please note that I don’t visit on a regular basis, nor do many other residents.
    The basic problem in this dilemma is communication. This is the problem that need to resolved.


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