Darouze Says $750 Won’t Change His Mind: Whopper Watch



“I don’t think $750 will colour my decision.”

Osgoode Councillor George Darouze on a campaign donation from Tomlinson Group



Councillor George “The Phantom” Darouze makes a rare guest appearance on The Bulldog. Yippee.

The Phantom received $750 in the last election from Tomlinson for his election campaign.

If not $750 Mr. Phantom, exactly how much does it take to colour your opinion?

An even better way to ensure that you won’t be coloured in your decision is not taking corporate donations at all.



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2 thoughts on “Darouze Says $750 Won’t Change His Mind: Whopper Watch

  1. Sometimes it isn’t the gift in the box that is the actual present – sometimes it’s the invite to a fancy dinner to get the box. There’s the arranged limo ride to the restaurant, the wine, the filet mignon with a lobster tail, the cherries jubilee and then the box comes wrapped in gold foil. There, sometimes, may be more value than the socks inside the gift box.


  2. While George “The Schmooze” is a phantom on The Bulldog, he has been seen nightly at a variety of social gatherings throughout Osgoode ward for the past three-and-a-half years; out and about, shaking hands and having a beer with the locals, then heading home to update his facebook page. Is this what a politician is supposed to do? I thought their job was to look at the big picture and work for their constituents and the betterment of the city, not just advertise themselves a la Jim Watson. When we talk about draining the swamp, Osgoode ward is a good place to start.


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