This is a release from the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association:

The City of Ottawa, Kanata Beaverbrook community association and developer Morley Hoppner are finalizing an agreement on the proposed redevelopment of #2 Parkway.

The agreement will result in increased protection for forest and greenspace on Teron Road and tree screening of the 7-storey tower City Council approved at The Parkway and Teron Road, Kanata.

“This arrangement will increase the value of our investment and provide substantial benefits to local and community residents. We’re committed to this objective”, said Ken Hoppner of Morley-Hoppner.

“The developer’s desire to work with the community to ensure the best possible solution is also a positive consideration”, said Councilor Marianne Wilkinson. “I will be working extensively with property owners and residents to work out exact details.”

The KBCA has agreed to drop its appeal to the OMB based on the confirmation of the commitment of the developer and City to these arrangements.

“This is a first step to improve green space protection for the whole of Teron Road”, said Gary Sealey, President KBCA. “It will help foster Teron Road’s evolution as a true parkway, with respect guaranteed for its open spaces. Residents will get enhanced environmental security and the opportunity through site planning to make the #2 Parkway project as attractive as possible.”

Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association is one of Ottawa’s oldest citizen associations. It was founded with the assistance of Bill Teron, O.C., recent recipient of the prestigious Jane Jacobs Lifetime Achievement Award. Over a thousand person-nights of meetings contributed to KBCA consultation on the developer’s proposal.

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