Deal With The People Who Caused The Deficit



It’s with great sadness that we report that 177 employees of the City of Ottawa have been laid off.

These, no doubt, are good people who were just doing their jobs in the best way they knew.

Layoffs are rarely the fault of employees. Usually they are necessary because someone upstairs or at head office screwed up or there is a rationalization of overlapping services. Perhaps the need for rationalization could be characterized as a screw-up as well. Why didn’t management see it coming?

Layoffs also result from bad market conditions, again, no fault of the employee.

In the city’s case, spending has gotten out of control on the operating side with no one prepared to deal with the problem until the largest operating deficit in Ottawa history was created.

New city manager Steve Kanellakos was hired in May and he knew that his job was to get the deficit under control.

These can’t be easy days for Kanellakos. Your agent has never been fired or laid off but he has had to fire a few people and its not easy. Not easy at all.

The laid-off employees enter a job marketplace not at all like the City of Ottawa. Companies now offer few benefits or simply keep people by renewing contracts. A job at the City of Ottawa is like a dream to young people who go from contract to contract or one miserable job to another.

There is sadness all around at city hall for management and staff alike.

Now the people of this community must deal with the people who let the deficit get out of hand and created all this sadness.



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5 thoughts on “Deal With The People Who Caused The Deficit

  1. The issue here is that those responsible have not and, in all likelihood, will not take responsibility for creating this mess which will ruin some careers and lives. They brought Steve Kanellakos in to clean it up and he’s doing his job.
    I hope that he is also, behind the scenes, speaking truth to power and telling them who really is responsible for the carnage at the City today. As well, I hope he’s able to tell them how to move forward in a way that keeps the City from going down this road again.
    If he can do that, he’s worth every penny we’re paying him. If not, don’t expect him to stick around too long. He’s not a windmill-tilter and isn’t going to sit around while they ignore his advice.

  2. Our agent has never been fired or laid off? My old prof used to say you weren’t a real journalist until you’d been fired at least once, whatever that means.

    1. Larry “Sludge” Hammer:

      It is an easy, flippant saying that is not necessarily true. Most journalists have never been fired.

      Thank you for the comment.



  3. Corporations are doing this every day. Top management, along with the board, makes a decision which causes problems and losses. Layoffs occur to benefit the bottom line. Workers leave. Management stays and if management leaves, it is usually with a generous pay-off package.
    We have a choice in Ottawa. Citizens are the shareholders and we can vote out top management. This means voting out of office Mayor and Council when their hubris leads to excessive spending. Too bad our top management in Ottawa was allowed to spend us into the situation where innocent workers are to be punished.


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