Delay High-Rise Vote: Open Letter To George Darouze


Bulldog reader Howard Crerar sent this email to Osgoode Councillor George Darouze.

Crerar makes a very good point:

Mr. Darouze:

As you are aware, the public has not had time to question and express its feelings on the city’s high-rise report.

The report is scheduled be discussed at council on May 23.

On behalf of the residents of Osgoode ward I am requesting that you ask that a vote on this issue be withheld until the public has been given a fair opportunity to review and comment on the report and discuss its pros & cons.

As a public servant I’m sure you will do the right thing.


Howard Crerar


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2 thoughts on “Delay High-Rise Vote: Open Letter To George Darouze

  1. To all commenters on the Bulldog I suggest you send a similar email to your councillor. It’ll be interesting to see if any of them respond or if Bruce is right. Don’t forget one thing, your councillor works for you.


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