Denley Fails On Fiscal Advice: Whopper Watch



“The lesson is this: If we want our city to be more than mundane, sometimes we need to do something remarkable, even if it is a bit pricey.”

Citizen columnist Randy Denley


Ah yes the old fiscal conservative himself. We should be fiscally conservative unless we need to do something remarkable … in this case La Machine.

If Denley comes to you offering financial  advice, run for your life.

Denley was the foremost opponent of former mayor Bob Chiarelli’s light rail plan.

He argued that it was no big deal abrogating the LRT contract already in place and it wasn’t … if you think, losing a court case to the builder Siemens to the tune of $37 million and those damages combined with lost work on the first LRT project cost about $100 million.

Of course the current light-rail deal for two phases is $6 billion.

The Chiarelli plan was $2.8 billion and included the Strandherd Bridge and went to Orleans, Kanata and Barrhaven.

The Denley ran twice for MPP against Chiarelli in Ottawa West-Nepean and lost both times.

You can take it from there.


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2 thoughts on “Denley Fails On Fiscal Advice: Whopper Watch

  1. Denley’s opinions have been bad nightmares. It’s why Bob is there as the MPP and Denley is as usual at the well deserved losing end. Denley reminds me of an irritated frustrated back seat driver who never had the talent to drive but sadly continues giving unsound advice to drivers. Someone needs to tell him to shut up and fade.

  2. Pierre, I so agree with you. In his heyday it was hit and miss with his opinions. It’s only gotten worse since. Shut up & fade, indeed.


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