Des Rosiers Has Great Leadership Possibilities: Election Endorsement


Ottawa-Vanier has long been a Liberal stronghold and there’s no indication that will change.

Look at the opposition in this campaign.

Fadi Nemer left Lebanon with a master of science degree, came to Canada and successfully ran a business in Vanier for 25 years.

Nemer, the Progressive Conservative candidate, has been active in helping refugees and in other community endeavours.

Nemer is unfortunately burdened by being in the same party as leader Doug Ford who is completely unqualified to be premier. Accordingly, it is impossible to support Nemer. With a better leader, there would be an outside chance of backing him if the PCs were a viable alternative to the free-spending and budget-accounting-challenged ruling Liberals.

Lyra Evans is a former homeless person and would be an intriguing candidate if Queen’s Park didn’t need expert and experienced leadership. The NDP candidate is a proud supporter of homelessness and LGBT causes. Evans was spurred to run because the Salvation Army shelter was moved to Montreal Road. She believes it was better located in the ByWard Market closer to its clients. Evans is probably correct.

Both of these candidates pale against the outstanding credentials and leadership possibilities of Liberal Nathalie Des Rosiers. Des Rosiers is very accomplished as the former dean of the University of Ottawa law school and is the current minister of natural resources.

Des Rosiers has the ability to be not just a leader in Ontario but in Canada if she learns to handle politics and leadership well. There is much need for such accomplished women in the highest ranks of government. She was also the general counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

No doubt Evans and Nemer are very nice people with good intentions. But Des Rosiers’ qualifications dwarf those of her opponents.

Despite being associated with a failing Wynne government, The Bulldog endorses Des Rosiers in Ottawa-Vanier.


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One thought on “Des Rosiers Has Great Leadership Possibilities: Election Endorsement

  1. Liberals have there for too long, Ken. Based on my observations of the other candidates, I would just spoil my ballot in that riding. Des Rosiers is just more of the same but thankfully Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are about to get a well-deserved huge kick in the derrière.


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