Developers Worry For No Reason


The most amusing part of the great clash and bang over local planning review panels versus the Ontario Municipal Board has been the reactions of the Ontario and local home building associations.

They’re nervous. They have no reason to be nervous but they are nervous.

If you have such a sweet setup as the two groups have now with municipal government and the OMB and you see it’s about to change, well you’d get nervous, too.

In fact, it looks as though the development community will have an even greater stranglehold on municipalities with the advent of the new panels. That makes sense. All that money donated to politicians’ campaigns has to pay off some way or another.

Just as an aside, the head of the local home-builders group once called me a communist. That’s special. Your agent made his money in the capitalist stock market, worked his whole life in the private sector and now runs a private company. Yessirree, communist. Talk about paranoia. Maybe they just don’t like the sound of fairness.

The home-building industry often frets about why it has, it perceives, a bad reputation in the community. Well if you listen to the community and act on some of their important suggestions (not just the little ones), maybe people would like you. If you treat people badly in neighbourhoods, don’t expect love. And it’s bad form to call someone a communist. Sometimes that comes back to bite you.

You can’t have everything. Sometimes you have to cry all the way to the bank.


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