Dirty Election Tricks Have No Place In Democracy


Election campaigns are supposed to be about platforms, public policy, issues, leadership and character.

So what do dirty tricks have to with elections? Apparently a lot, but they shouldn’t.

A Liberal candidate in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell saw dozens of his signs disappear over the weekend.

The Bulldog had political operatives trying to discredit this website and the character of the proprietor, not discuss important policy.

And of course recently The Bulldog was brute-force attacked in a failed effort to destroy this site which promises to be the go-to location for discussion of the 2018 municipal election.

Candidates or their operatives taking part in dirty campaign tricks, for me at least, automatically disqualify that person as a viable elected official. The candidate either authorized the dirty tricks or couldn’t control his or her supporters.

Could they control a government? Maybe not if they can’t control their campaign.

Elections are about democracy and all those good things that contribute to it.

Dirty tricks diminish the candidate who does these unfortunate things.


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2 thoughts on “Dirty Election Tricks Have No Place In Democracy

  1. A little baby-kissing, hand-shaking and door-knocking are all that is acceptable.
    Trying to shut down your business is far beyond dirty-tricks. Debate me – yes; kick me in the groin and I’m coming after ya.
    Hang in there, Ken.


  2. Promises made and not kept should also be fair game and claims by candidates that can be proven to be untrue should also be on the table.


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