Dirty Tricks And A New Trick: Forum Topic



Today we’re starting something completely new on The Bulldog Forum and The Bulldog.

If you create a topic on The Bulldog Forum, there’s a very good chance it will become a post on the main Bulldog.

However to comment on it, there will be a link to that Forum topic.

The reason we’re doing this is to promote more readers to write new topics on The Bulldog Forum and create a little cross-pollination between The Bulldog and the Forum.

Here’s a topic some character named Ken Gray posted on the Forum. I like that guy:

A few weeks ago I promised to outline the dirty tricks that have been played on me after Mike Patton had a video improperly squelched temporarily on YouTube.

The problem with trying to nail this down is that it’s almost impossible to confirm it’s political … maybe it’s just a dirty trick.

But here we go. I had one person try to defraud me of $5,000 with a phone call.

Rumours have been spread around city hall improperly about my background. I know who was doing that.

Brute force attacks (where a computer keeps hitting your site until it is overwhelmed and goes down) usually come from hobbyists or perhaps governments (I’d be honoured if it were) from other countries. My site is brute force impervious now but keep trying if you like. Such actions have brought down major news sites around the world in the early days of Internet news. Pretty hard to do it now. But the dirty trick? I can’t pin this down but brute force attacks are way up from Canada … maybe Montreal.

Attacks from unknown people in the comments sections. I caught a few that looked suspicious so I did a bit of research on it and discovered the comments were coming from Montreal. A politician here in town is notorious for using merry pranksters from Montreal. Not a lot of call for Ottawa local news in Montreal. So they’re easy to ID. I called the person on this one and never got another comment. Expect more in the future as the election approaches.

One or a number of people used the search engine to write intimidating messages that would appear on the administration side of The Bulldog. Very innovative. Thank you.

So there you have it. Seems early for this sort of thing given the election is far off and some of these might not be political dirty tricks, just dirty tricks.

There you have it. Welcome to journalism.

I can’t get really worked up about this (accordingly the long time it has taken to write this after Patton’s post) because after four decades, you get accustomed to this sort of thing.

If it gets really threatening, time to call the police.

I’ve already had some friends recommend calling the police. I’m not there yet.

But it would be fun to see local politicians investigated by the Ottawa Police Service. I’d buy tickets to that.

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