Do NHL Teams Have Doubts About Erik Karlsson?

About nine teams are reported chasing down New York Islanders forward John Tavares.

No doubt about it, Tavares is a good player but is he ever mentioned in the top 3 in league? Usually not. But Ottawa Senators defenceman Erik Karlsson is.

Unfortunately reports reveal that only four teams are showing serious interest in Karlsson. Could it be the Karlsson-Hoffman row? Could it be that Karlsson’s defensive liabilities are showing? Could it be that he is one of the best players on a very bad team?

Or could it be that other teams are worried about paying $60 million for a player with a gimpy leg?

Karlsson is a gamble and $60 million is a very high bet.


Erik Karlsson to Mike Hoffman. You won’t see that anymore.


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3 thoughts on “Do NHL Teams Have Doubts About Erik Karlsson?

  1. There’s a big difference between the Tavares and Karlsson – Tavares is an UFA who is free to sign with any team he wants, while Karlsson is not a UFA until next offseason. Any teams currently not discussing a trade for Karlsson are likely betting they’ll have a shot at getting him as a UFA next year. Furthermore any ongoing trade discussions for Karlsson probably haven’t gotten very serious since the Sens will be offering Karlsson a new contact after July 1.


    1. Duke:

      Always good to hear from you my man.

      I think the two of us are the only people interested in sports on The Bulldog.

      You’re right Dukester. There is a big difference between Tavares and Karlsson … Erik is perceived as a superstar by many while Tavares is seen as a very good player.

      As I said, I’m surprised more interest isn’t being shown in Karlsson unless some of the factors I suggested (or something else of which I’m unaware) are in play.

      Duke my man, you might be right. I might be right. Or we could both be wrong. I never considered your factor in my post.

      But it is fun talking sports, eh.




    2. The Duke:

      If and when Karlsson gets traded, it will come with new contract. Superstar rentals are usually acquired on or around trade deadline.


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