Do You Like Phase 2 Light Rail? Vote



The City of Ottawa with much fanfare has unveiled its $3.6-billion Phase-2 light-rail program.

So how do you feel about it?

Do you like the new light-rail plan or dislike it?

Express your views. Vote on how you feel about the new LRT Phase 2. And don’t forget to use the comment box at the end of the post to expand on your opinion.

You get one vote:


Voting for this poll has closed. To see the final results, read The Bulldog on Friday


Thank you for participating.



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8 thoughts on “Do You Like Phase 2 Light Rail? Vote

  1. Personally I like expanding hybrid bus and mini-bus services. Reliable battery only may soon be available too.
    Buses can go where they are needed as population and time of use demands present themselves.

      1. There is the opinion that buses provide better and more convenient service and hence are a better solution.

        People really do not like being crammed into a train that is billed as having a 300 person capacity when in fact only 120 get seats.

        There are those who also know that the train push is greatly backed by a faction that sees reduced employees as a economic reason to use one train over multiple bus drivers but the multiple-driver requirement will soon be a thing of the past when self-drive tech matures. Self-drive will probably be perfected prior to the completion of Phase 2. There are many railway and transportation publications that expose both sides of the bus versus LRT issue. From what I have read, I am with the bus.

          1. If you really want crammed, try the 1, 7, or 12, the main downtown bus local routes, at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend.


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