Do You Smell A Rat?


Please don’t tell your agent this is another classic Watson rat-bait and switch.

The mayor is notorious for deflecting politically harmful topics to publicity-crazy ones.

For example as the city was discussing the largest municipal operating deficit in Ottawa history, our mayor decided to debate pay toilets in light-rail stations. What was more interesting for the public and the media? Big piles of unwieldy budget documents or denying the poor a chance to pee?

The media opted for urine.

Now Watson groupies Mathieu Fleury and Allan Hubley have started rodent-mania.

Is this to deflect the bad publicity of the New Edinburgh fury about its new sewage tunnel or something else?

We’ll see.



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4 thoughts on “Do You Smell A Rat?

  1. Consummate politicians all learn to deny, deflect and dispose of things unpleasant to their careers. Jim has it heads over most in his manipulations and machinations

  2. There has to be something else that he’s trying to avoid/evade.
    I’m not sure that talking about rats in sewers is likely to deflect the people of the ‘Burgh as they rally to fight a sewage tunnel. In fact, it will give them more ammo. Watson better hope that the incidence of rat-sightings doesn’t go up as the mega-sewer goes in to New Edinburgh.

  3. You may be on to something Ken. When three out of 24 elected officials respond to an unsolicited marketing effort by a pest control company, one has to wonder if the illusionist’s apprentices have walked on stage.


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