Don Name Tough? Try Ken And Barbie



Don as much as I feel for you having your name taken in vain by a certain man named Trump, try being Ken when you are taking out a woman named Barb.

The trouble pales in comparison to Donald Duck. Trust me.

Don contacted me below via Twitter:


Photo above: A certain duck named Donald and a U.S. president of the same brand, make having the name Don a tad tricky.


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One thought on “Don Name Tough? Try Ken And Barbie

  1. I have friends, married more than 30 years, who are named Barbara and Ken. I might affectionately call him Kenny but it would be more than my life is worth to ever add a suffix to her shortened name! They still, when meeting new people, brace themselves for the almost-inevitable comment(s) such as the ‘surprise’ expressed when people see her car is grey, not pink.
    It was interesting watching their daughter go from “My toys are named after Mum and Dad” to the suspicion that maybe Mum and Dad were named after her toys to the embarrassing intros of her friends to her parents.
    Unfortunately, it’s not one of those things that you’ll “look back at and laugh about”. My sympathies. :-(


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