Donald Trump Is Alive And Living In Queen’s Park


When you send out a young reporter to do a basic story on an event, you remind the rookie to get who, what, when, where, why, how and how much.

Simple stuff. But at least if the reporter can answer those questions, an editor can fashion a story from that information.

So when you send rookie Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod out to announce cuts to the increase in welfare rates, you might want to arm the politician with the above elements of a story, especially how much. Follow the money.

Of course our simplistic Doug Ford government (you know … easier smoking, cheap beer, cheap gas, private dope, more money is your pocket … a platform that sounds like it was formulated by Joe Six-Pack outside an LCBO) announces such a major change like alteration of welfare increases, it doesn’t know how much Ontario will save by cutting the increase to 1.5 per cent from three per cent.

Memo to Ford and MacLeod: If you tell people you are saving money and you don’t know how much will be saved, just pull a figure out of thin air because that’s usually good enough for people and media alike. It works for U.S. President Donald Trump and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. No reason it can’t work for you.

So what MacLeod’s announcement really consists of is ideology and propaganda. It’s not about cost-saving or MacLeod would know how much was saved.

Ideology you say? “But let me be clear,” Macleod said. “the best social program is a job for those who can have one.”

Anybody heard that before?

Lisa if it were that easy, people would have solved this problem long, long ago. You’re offering nothing new.


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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is Alive And Living In Queen’s Park

  1. Yep,

    The first place to cut back on government spending requires cutting money off for the Ontario Works Program and the Ontario Disability Support Program and the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project.

    The planned increase in minimum wage will be the next target.

    Bring me that buck-a-beer. Mr. Edsel is doing a great job using the people that can least afford to be used. I’ll drink to that.


  2. There is political bias and there is blatant political bias. Thus the reason I rarely comment on your political posts.

    Tell me how, a guaranteed income to those not working, encourages people to be active and contributory to our society. It encourages further complacency.

  3. The social safety net is a fairly well established Canadian norm.
    We have had a redistribution of funds to various segments of society for decades.

    – baby bonus ( in one form or another )
    – Old Age Security
    -Old Age Security supplement and widows allowance
    – Property tax/ rent credits
    -HST tax credits
    – Ontario Sales Tax credit
    – Ontario Tax Grant for Seniors
    -Ontario Disability Support Program
    -Ontario Works

    – Even pension splitting for seniors is a redistribution of income method.

    Each one of these programs has a government department ,government managers, government staff, their own rules, and forms,forms,forms.

    AND let us not forget bailouts and grants to many businesses over the years along with a totally convoluted tax system that also tries to manage and redistribute income based on the whims of the current day.

    The experiment with the Basic Income was to collect data about the individuals and their communities over a number of years, Then evaluate the results.

    In the future, a streamlined basic income program administered by one department with one set of rules could eliminate multiple mechanisms that are currently being used to redistribute income.

    Of course , we could just eliminate it all and go all Darwin – let only the strongest survive because all the rest must be lazy bums – – right?.


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