Don’t Forget, These Were Rapes




Yes we read the part about the rapist whose lawyer said his client couldn’t commit the deed because he had a hernia, was too fat and his winky was a bit too wee.

A unique defence to be sure.

But through all of this what is forgotten are the victims. Jacques “Porkchop” Rouschop choked and raped two women. Furthermore the Crown will try to brand him a dangerous offender. A person has to work very hard to get the dangerous offender designation.

So while Rouschop’s member size has humiliated the rapist in the “micropenis” case, let’s not forget that rape is an extremely nasty crime. It is a violent act, made all the worse in Rouschop’s case with the choking of the two women in question. It leaves deep psychological scars in its wake.

How heinous a crime is rape?

Photo above: Media coverage of the Rouschop case has added to the rapist’s humiliation.

Were a rapist to sue over media coverage of his actions, it would likely be impossible to win.

The rapist could argue that his reputation has been damaged. But the defence would say the rapist has no reputation to lose given his terrible acts.

So not only has Rouschop lost his reputation, he has been publicly humiliated. And he might get a dangerous offender designation that means he could be kept behind bars with no term and no possibility of parole for seven years.




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