Don’t Subsidize Commutes

The taxpayers of Ottawa should not be subsidizing an employee’s commute from as far away as Arnprior.

In the private sector, employees on call often are paid mileage for using their own car when a response is needed.

That’s a lot cheaper than paying for the gas, evening and morning for years, for an employee who only needs a vehicle to get to a site occasionally.

In cases where equipment might be required, perhaps a city vehicle is warranted.

But then the departments that require long periods of on-call could also stagger shifts so that employees could work odd hours on regular time and cover some of the on-call periods. That’s what newspapers did during their many profitable years. Maybe taking a city car home would not look so attractive if an employee had the alternative of working from 6 p.m. to midnight or midnight to 8 a.m.

That’s what the private sector does rather than subsidize employee commutes.

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