Doug Ford Has A Silver Lining


The best part of premier-elect Doug Ford, you ask?

Ford will give your agent lots to write about over the next four years.

Thank goodness for small blessings.

Were it not for the likes of Larry O’Brien, Katherine Hobbs, Jim Watson, Allan Hubley and Jeff Leiper, where would The Bulldog be today?


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3 thoughts on “Doug Ford Has A Silver Lining

  1. Dig a couple of inches deeper under the soil, Ken. There are others aplenty to keep the Bulldog web page filled, and your keyboard tap tapping.

    1. Sisco:

      People are always encouraging me to do more.

      And how much would you like to pay for this extra work?

      Sorry, Sisco but I’m plenty busy as it is.

      If you would like to dig a deeper, perhaps I’d read. Get to it.



  2. I’m sure the pharmacy crowd is happy too – all that extra blood pressure and anti-depressant medication they’re going to sell.


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