Doug Ford To Run For Toronto Mayor

It’s official.

The brother of controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford will try to take the top municipal post that his late sibling once held.

Doug Ford made the announcement Friday evening at his annual Ford Fest party in Toronto.

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4 thoughts on “Doug Ford To Run For Toronto Mayor

  1. GREAT!

    Some honesty and integrity back in the City of T.O.

    Can we please have the same here. Our city is in desperate need.


  2. Doug is probably more dangerous than Rob could ever have been since he is smart enough to know what he’s doing. He was widely believed to be the brains in the Rob Ford organization.


  3. It was official a long time ago, it’s just that it is now being spoken out loud.
    And, I will continue biting my tongue. Too many things to say on this one.
    “Biting my tongue, biting my tongue, biting my tongue…hello boys”, as Mel Brooks may have said.


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