Doug Ford Win: What Is Wrong With Canada?


Guess how the world is looking at the election of Doug Ford as premier of Ontario?

Take for example the BBC:

Doug Ford, the brother of troubled former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, has been elected premier of Canada’s most populous province.

Mr Ford’s centre-right Progressive Conservatives (PC) wrested control of Ontario from the Liberal Party for the first time since 2003.

The populist has been compared to U.S. President Donald Trump.

A former city councillor, he was close to his late brother Rob, who infamously took drugs in office.

What’s missing from this is no doubt the world saying, “What the hell is wrong with the people in Canada?” Rob Ford’s brother?

To read the whole BBC story, click here.


Get ready for the Doug Ford follies.



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6 thoughts on “Doug Ford Win: What Is Wrong With Canada?

  1. I missed John Oliver last night. I wonder if he will update his report on Doug Ford?
    Last Week Tonight did a critique on Doug Ford back when he was merely running to be the mayor of the Big Smoke. Can’t imagine that Oliver will let this slide.
    My memory hooks for Trump are and will always be. Who knew? and “covfefe”.
    My memory hooks for Ford are ( so far) – sister-in-law and buck-a-beer. And, he ain’t even found his office yet so I can’t imagine what other hooks I’ll be adding.

  2. Just remember. If Wynne and McGuinty had not let Ontario down so badly with gas plants, Ornge, hydro, OLG and so on, Ontarian’s would not have looked for change.

    1. Bruce,
      Just remember, if the PCs hadn’t made Ford their leader then we could have had change with a platform, a budget and an articulate spokesman. I am not sure who I pity more, Ontarians or the PC Party.
      I am still hoping for an internal second coup – no blood , just a new leadership vote.

  3. Amazing how the liberal and socialists are bad-mouthing Ford. Well Ford did not elect himself to premier of Ontario, the people did. Maybe its time to respect the voters who voted or Ford for valid reasons. Ontario is broke.

    1. Actually Allis (and you do make a good tractor) the Tories were the logical move for dissatisfied Liberals and the PCs offered up the supporter of the worst government in Canadian history.

      So the Tories let Ontario down.

      I wouldn’t be too proud.




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