Doug Ford’s Platform Promises: Top 10 List



As election approaches, Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford’s program becomes harder to understand.

We solve this problem by way of a Top-10 List:


Top 10 Doug Ford Campaign Promises:

10. Use empties to pay taxes;

9. Two-sentence policies don’t hurt head;

8. Won’t call media “pricks” anymore;

7. Will single-handedly revive hair-gel industry;

6. Beer and smokes in hospitals;

5. Prove even dumb guys can rise to the top;

4. Budget, schmudgit;

3. Fighting in legislature gets five minutes;

2. New cultural grants for drinking Blue in garages;

1. I’m for the people … my people … me.


Politician Doug Ford in action.


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13 thoughts on “Doug Ford’s Platform Promises: Top 10 List

  1. I don’t know how to react.

    Gentle joking about an issue via the Top 10 List usually gets me to giggle and sometimes gets a big laugh. This list makes me cry – it’s too close to the truth.

    Maybe when this is all over ( win or lose ) he’ll, at least, wipe that silly grin off his face.

  2. With buck-a-beer coming back, No. 10 sounds quite achievable.

    Fewer endorsements and more Top-10 lists … please.

    1. More endorsements.

      For example, The Bulldog endorses Kosmo.

      Any problems with that one, Kosmo. lol

      cheers and thx


  3. I think you’re really pushing it with #9. I’m sure Doug will rarely go past one sentence unless it’s a very, very complicated issue.
    I’m a bit concerned about #2 – many of the homes in my area don’t have garages. Are we going to be discriminated against by our government when attempting to get government funding just because we park either in the open or in carports?

    1. Voter:

      These are the kind of things you’ll have to take up with Doug Ford.

      I am the last person to be responsible for his platform.



    2. Voter, I think you misinterpreted #2 on the list (metaphorical pun intended?). The grants are for people who drink Blue in their garage. Whether people actually park their cars in their garage or not is not a disqualifying factor in this important policy.

      1. Our problem, Ron, isn’t where we drink but that we don’t have garages. Most houses have carports or just driveways to park in. Will we even qualify for the grants if we’re drinking Blue or anything else in the open air? Will we have to form alliances with those few neighbours who have garages in order to get the grants? Will there be appeals like there were for the Summer Jobs Program? Is it fair to have garage grants but no carport grants? Do we now have two classes of car-parkers in the province? Should we move to Centrepointe where some homes have double garages?
        All these politically motivated changes are hard to deal with. Are there going to be similar problems around where we can grow our four pot plants?

  4. I would like to add one more thought.
    I can perhaps forgive the items in the Top Ten list but none of us should forget that we can’t forgive the Fords for burning down Toronto City Hall during the War of 1812.


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