Drain The Swamp, Reader Says


Bulldog reader Eastender sent along this missive about city council and the casino situation:

Councillors are stumped by how the slot cap was removed for the new Hard Rock Casino Ottawa.

Another screw-up by a limited-thinking group of incompetents at city council. First, light-rail missed deadline in addition to not imposing a fine and now the casino slot-cap situation.

And where is city staff in all of this? Where’s Mayor Jim Watson’s leadership?  Oh and let’s not forget the $10-million Christmas Miracle of found money at budget deliberations.

It’s time to question the qualifications of these people running our city.  Seems like the bigger priority is for the likes of  Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley and company to focus on getting free rides from their budgets on such items as hockey tickets.

The one thing that can threaten their total incompetence is by asking residents to actually make an effort to vote because most of these so-called city representatives are counting on their traditional supporters to come out and, accordingly, win.

One would think the hockey-ticket issue would set off alarms with Hubley’s constituents in Kanata particularly when he is chairman of the audit committee.

It certainly would be very interesting if the auditor general examined the budgets of our elected representatives although we are all aware of who chairs the audit committee.  Let’s hope for a significant amount of turnover on council in 2018.  It is time for a change and a breath of fresh air at city hall.

This elected group is the worst seen in many years. Former councillors Alex Cullen or Jacques Legendre might have been irritants, but they certainly did their homework and asked pertinent questions.  For the most part, we have a significant number of politicians who simply dance to Watson’s tune.

It’s time for change with a new approach and a strong vision for our city. Surely the talent is out there because it is a rare trait on this council. If most put as much energy in their work as they do in their silly tweets, perhaps we could observe some improvement in the effort to read the material they are given.

Drain the swamp.


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3 thoughts on “Drain The Swamp, Reader Says

  1. The councillors we elect should be viewed as and work as a team.
    Each team needs a strong leader who understands they are “part of the team”. I know some people out there don’t like sports analogies, but a good team leader was Daniel Alfredsson. He was humble, undemanding, and well-respected by all players throughout the league. He was also an outstanding hockey player and while that certainly helped, good leaders are not always the best scorers. What about Watson – humble? Undemanding? Well-respected?

    People like Alex Cullen and Jacques Legendre are necessary. Someone needs to play devil’s advocate(s). If the city is run by a group that sits around the boardroom, nodding their heads and not challenging one another, we’re doomed. Businesses that operate this way don’t stay in business very long.

    I live in Osgoode ward. We have a new councillor, a real glad-hander, who has shown after 3 1/2 years that he doesn’t accept responsibility for his actions, points the blame for bad decisions at others, and takes credit for work done by others. It’s definitely time to drain the swamp in ward 20.


  2. Thanks, Sisco but what about poor voter turnout?

    Sorry, Sisco, I was going to address that too but I needed to step away my computer to help my son with his homework.

    A couple of reasons come immediately to mind
    1. The shift in what voting really means now. Initially, our system was built around a representative system wherein our politicians represented the wishes of his or her constituents. Then there was a shift to partisan politics in which each elected representative follows the party mandate, believing that since elected, voters would side with the party they voted for on ALL ISSUES. (Wrong.) There are no parties in municipal government so partisan politics in Ottawa has taken on a new name, bobblehead-ism, or, if you prefer, Jim-ism. Jim was elected mayor, hence Jim knows what’s best for everyone.
    2. Some politicians (not all by any means, but some) don’t tell the truth. And worse, a lot of people note “Oh, that’s just politics”. WHAT? As long as people accept this, there is no way voter turnout will increase (nor will the swamp be drained) because the average person (not the genius just mentioned) will think “Why vote? What’s the point?” There needs to be a mechanism to flush out those who get caught cheating and remove them from office without having to wait for four years while they hope everyone forgets their mistakes and rev up their campaign machine to full throttle. Just dump ’em.

    We all have the right to vote. I suggest to those who are frustrated by our current situation to “go to the polls” for this year’s provincial and municipal elections. If you are unhappy take your ballot and run the pencil from the top to the bottom then turn the ballot in. I bet in some ridings, municipalities, wards this candidate would win, in others this candidate would finish a close second. Once all the ballots have been counted I believe we’d have a much better idea of how the general populace feels about the current state of the nation.


  3. And one final thought to Mr/Ms Eastender. Draining the swamp is not necessarily just a matter of changing faces at, say, city hall. The process is what really needs to be examined. For example, if a business is having problems because its core business practices weren’t well thought out initially, then throwing $2 million worth of technology into the mix won’t solve anything. Once the dust settles the final result will be the business has wasted $2 million. If the goal is to get things back on track, it’s important to determine the root cause of the problem and use an analytical approach to fix it – determine all possible solutions, examine each one in detail, then implement the best one (working from the bottom up, as you suggest). Just changing faces is a linear approach – “let’s vote for this person, oops, that didn’t work, now let’s try someone else, oops . . .” which is prone to error and is not an effective methodology unless we learn how to become “outstanding” guessers.


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