Dump The Non-Communicating Communications Department




If city manager Steve Kanellakos is looking for a suggestion or two concerning how to whittle down his operating deficit to zero in the next few months, a good place to start would be the communications department.

Why? Because it doesn’t communicate.

If you have a communications department that doesn’t communicate (see this post), why do you need it? A department that takes four days to tell you that no one in light rail is available to comment? Come on. That’s a pretty unsophisticated department. At least the department could have said no after one day. After all, you can train a parrot to say no. Parrots work cheap.

Photo above: The operating philosophy of the City of Ottawa communications department

Hire a couple of freelancers to write the Small-Town News releases that say everything is wonderful. Farm out the publications to communications firms that actually communicate.

Then let the journalists talk to the people who know the information which the media needs to know. Better that than a roadblock in the way of open government.

So Mr. Kanellakos, dump communications because it doesn’t communicate. The taxpayers of Ottawa will thank you.



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7 thoughts on “Dump The Non-Communicating Communications Department

  1. How much is the concierge for developers costing? It might be another disposable cost-saving measure and certainly would please the community associations.


      1. Ken,
        The telling feeling I remember from the interview with Mr. Kanellakos was how he felt about the mayor.

        Mr.Kanellakos said that he’d never met anyone with a better finger on the pulse of the city. ( not verbatim but the feeling was expressed early on in the pod-cast )


        1. Went back and here are the exact words used by Mr. Kanellakos:
          “………..has the pulse of the city better than anyone I’ve ever met”


        2. Having the pulse and knowing the proper way to deal with it are two very different things. A weak pulse does not necessarily mean death is imminent. Could well mean the patient needs something other that what you are doing.


  2. Is this the result of having a communications major as mayor who thinks his “feed the people as little info as possible about important stuff and overload them with trivia” approach is how you operate an open and transparent government?

    It also helps if you have constant turnover in both personnel and the shape of departments and the overall city org chart which means staff are afraid to speak out unless it’s sanctioned.


  3. Now, before any reader comments on the following quote – the person that I am quoting is NOT a person I in anyway admire nor am I comparing any current political person to the person whom I am quoting,

    “….. follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous,” – J. G_ _ _ _ _ _ s


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