Edmonton LRT ‘Not A Total Disaster’


You remember the Edmonton light-rail project that started with a tunnel and not much else? Sound familiar? Perchance a bit like Ottawa’s project?

Well there is more of light rail (call it Phase 2) in Edmonton. Let’s see how it is working out.

The gruesome evidence is below:

The mayor, the interim city manager, and the city’s transportation manager agree the Metro LRT Line is “not a total disaster,” in the face of widespread criticism of the line.

In their latest report, city staff said the line’s troubled signalling software caused 11 service delays last month, and there still no date for when the line will be fully up and running.

“Anyone dead?” Mayor Don Iveson asked city staff at a council meeting on Tuesday.

“No,” transportation manager Dorian Wandzura replied.

“Okay, so this thing is not a total disaster,” Iveson said.

Iveson’s opinion is even lower than mine as per Ottawa’s LRT line.

And oh yes, they have technical problems. Perhaps Edmonton LRT and Ottawa LRT are on mind meld.

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