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What is art? It certainly isn’t getting in a tizzy about Chagall versus David or the clash of over-inflated egos with lofty degrees who tut-tut over white wine about the actions of their fellows. Buying or selling a painting is not brain surgery nor atom-splitting. Given what a mess this has become, perhaps we have too many PhDs gossiping and chit-chatting over this horribly serious issue. Maybe taxpayers working hard for a living should wonder why we are generously paying for an effete group of so-called intellectuals at the National Gallery of Canada who can’t buy or sell a painting without becoming aghast. A few layoffs might solve this problem or least get some attention from the pompous. Doubtful many of the people in this discussion have done much manual labour but the many of the people paying their salaries have. This issue is getting pretty precious. One wonders if they get this out-of-sorts when their chardonnay arrives at the table tepid or tasting of cork? … Bad enough that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has been trying to win votes using the taxpayers’ money, now Wynne is cooking the books. This can’t help. Ontario’s auditor general Bonnie Lysyk says the real deficit (at about $12 billion for 2020-21) is about twice the Liberals’ public figure. Grit pundit Warren Kinsella says Wynne’s strategy is eerily similar to that of former prime minister Paul Martin‘s. He lost. Now add the cooked deficit to that mix. Wynne is making it difficult to vote for her … The best thing Wynne has going for her is PC leader Doug Ford. How can you vote for Doug Ford? … Hard to understand why Mayor Jim Watson has been silent on debating The Bulldog in a public forum. We’ve promised instant translation for His Worship of The Bulldog’s polysyllabic words … Why is the Mayor’s City Builder award the Mayor’s? Could it not be the City Builder award? … A way to get light rail across the Prince of Wales Bridge pronto? Call it the Jim Watson Bridge … On the subject of light rail (and when have we ever talked about that on The Bulldog?), it’s a major screw up. The city didn’t get the regulatory regimen on the project set with the federal government, it’s not releasing the land purchase figures for LRT (hey, it’s just our tax money), the sinkholes and it’s not on-time and on-budget despite the fact the mayor said it was. The budget and timing were not as advertised by the mayor. There’s a word for that … No announcement yet if the Citizen will be sending cheerleaders to LRT events or reporters. This comes after the headline LRT’S JUST THE TICKET with a mighty picture on page one. All caps as the flare. Wonder what they will do to cover the second coming of Christ. What’s left? Add an exclamation mark? … Isn’t it the role of the National Capital Commission to keep the precious gem Mud Lake in shape, not wreck it? … Finally Watson gets something right: He awarded the great philanthropist Moe Atallah the key to the city Saturday. It took him two years to get to it. But sometimes good things come to those who wait …


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3 thoughts on “Effete Art Community All In A Tizzy: Stuff

  1. Now- I will say that not a single bit of this STUFF is “Fake News”. The truth shall rule, someday.
    Keep it up Ken.
    On the subject of art. Two friends of mine made their living as artists. One was quite famous in Ontario and the other was known around the world. Get a shot of scotch or a beer in them and they would talk about and laugh at the art critics and their ilk. Art is what you like and not what someone tells you you should like. These two were a blast to be around and I miss them. And I still like the new Chateau reno design. Has it grown on you yet? Is it being built yet?

    1. Chaz:

      I’m afraid I find the Chateau reno repulsive and a threat to the beauty of the Parliamentary district.



  2. I enjoy modern art in many forms – painting, sculpture, etc.
    While I don’t have time for effete art snobs, I do tip my hat to the curators of the National Gallery who, in 1990, purchased Barnett Newman’s “Voice of Fire” for $1.8 million. Many people who oppose effete art snobs, and some effete art snobs too, screamed “my kid could paint that”. Scream away. One of the things modern art does is create controversy, just like the Bulldog does, but they do so in different settings and to a different audience. The most important thing to remember with regards to the painting is the curators of the gallery purchased it as an investment. What’s the painting worth today? Conservative estimates value the painting at over $40 million.
    So what’s the point here? 1) The National Gallery can sustain itself by running its business intelligently without seeking handouts from 3 levels of government, 2) columnists like Ron Benn wonder where we can find visionaries to lead our city. Maybe we’re not looking in the right places. Maybe politicians aren’t the right people.


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