Enforce The RTG Light-Rail Contract




“We’re working through all that right now.”

Transportation general manager John Manconi on what the City of Ottawa will do now that Rideau Transit Group has missed its LRT completion deadline


Mr. Manconi the public of Ottawa and particularly the media of this city have grown accustomed to your frank straight-forward approach to addressing problems. So maybe it’s time to talk to you in that language you understand best.

People aren’t interested in you “working through all that right now” when it comes to honouring the contract with RTG or rather RTG’s inability to meet its deadline. That’s curious because your comment to the media a few months ago was light rail will be finished when it is finished. The contract says differently.

Nevertheless RTG has missed a deadline and there are provisions for dealing with that either through withholding payment or levying fines.

And if that is what is in the contract, whose price was negotiated taking into account those penalties, then enforce the contract.

People don’t want to hear that you are “working through all that now”. No, they want to hear “we’ll be holding RTG to the terms of the contract” and then do it. This is business.

Taxpayers don’t care if a dispute with RTG reminds voters in an election year that LRT was late. Let Mayor Jim Watson worry about that.

Ottawa residents have already seen $3.2 billion in overspending occur the first two phases of the fleet-of-Mercedes light-rail plan.

Don’t make it worse.

Taxpayers are sick to death of being treated as though they are an unending stream of money. Stick up for the people who pay your handsome salary.

Enough is enough. Enforce the contract.



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6 thoughts on “Enforce The RTG Light-Rail Contract

      1. The Voter,

        If I had been thinking, I should have added something about concrete – good one.

        Maybe after the concrete plans, there will come a topping of substandard asphalt that will crumble.



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