Environment Produces At Least 53 Videos Starring McKenna


One of at least 53 video produced by Environment and Climate Change Canada starring Minister Catherine McKenna.

Environment and Climate Change Canada has produced at least 53 videos featuring its minister Catherine McKenna over the 10 months she has been in office.

These videos are featured on YouTube and cover topics and situations from the climate-change conference in Paris to measures by the Liberal government concerning the environment.

The news comes as CTV News discovered ECCC paid a freelance photographer in Paris $6,662 in a sole-source contract for photographs that feature the minister at the Paris climate-change conference.

McKenna’s ministry said that was the way the government communicates with the people of Canada.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation called the pictures “vanity photos.”

Only Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a dedicated staff photography who travels with him.

McKenna chatting with Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Another of the videos featuring Catherine McKenna and climate change.


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4 thoughts on “Environment Produces At Least 53 Videos Starring McKenna

  1. McKenna and the “limousine Lady” may be smiling …but the taxpayers are not! It’s amazing how quickly these people start feeling that they are entitled.

    Immediate dismissal from cabinet is the correct thing to do.


  2. If these issues irritate you, as they do me, read the rest of what went on.

    Paris Climate change conference:

    Total cost: $973,955.52

    Travel: $234,355.52
    Hospitality(entertaining guests): $12,595.42
    Meals & incidentals: $129,423.74
    Accommodation: $349,553
    Additionals wages and salaries: $11,537.44
    Operations: $164,529.96
    Stakeholders (typically, members of environmental groups or industry associations): $72,000

    Heck, Max Guenette, who was at the time a senior communications bureaucrat in McKenna’s department spent $4,599 on meals during his 16 day stay (that’s $288 a day. Mckenna, over 15 day’s, claimed meal expenses of $1,500.

    All of the aforementioned amounts come from today’s Ottawa Sun. I don’t see the cost of the ‘photographer’ in that.

    Why in the heck did we have to sent 155 people, some of whom we flew back and forth a couple of times.

    It all makes me really ticked off.

    Anne Marie


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