Ethics And The Councillors’ Office Budgets

In the big scheme of things at Ottawa City Hall, councillors’ office budgets are pretty small beer. They are a diversion rather than real news.

We’re talking thousands of dollars here, not billions.

Your agent is more concerned with wasting billions of dollars on an ill-thought-out scheme to build an award-winning light-rail project simply because the spending is so ridiculously high and that expenditure is so obviously transparent. Someone hopes to build a legacy from this.

But we’ve gone through the particulars of LRT many, many times before. Strangely one never sees that discussed in the major media outlets in town. Odd.

Frankly, it matters little whether councillors from their office budgets embroider jackets with their vaunted titles or distribute key chains with their names on them. It would be preferable not to have them doing that but such acts are small compared to the big issues on Laurier Avenue.

In other words under normal circumstances, one really shouldn’t care about these budgets very much. It creates a few titters among some members of the public but that’s about all.

But you have to draw the line on paying lobbyists to do research out of a councillor’s office budget. That’s unacceptable no matter how worthy the cause.


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5 thoughts on “Ethics And The Councillors’ Office Budgets

  1. Let’s say a councillor spends $30,000 of his or her budget annually on self-promotion (key chains, t-shirts, banners, whatevers). Over four years that’s $120,000. Now, lets say 18 councillors are doing the same thing. That’s $2.16 million. I’d prefer to see a smaller bottom line on my tax bills than have this money wasted, thank you.


  2. Did I miss something? What is this “paying lobbyists to do research out of a councillor’s office budget”. Obviously this is a slap at Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper. Are you suggesting that the councilor’s budget is being used as a means of subsidizing lobbyists? Was there a Bulldog story on this I missed?


    1. I don’t know the background of the lobbying story either but this is a basic skill anyone entering the political arena must possess. If they don’t then politics is not a field they should consider for employment. Else we end up in a situation where the mayor is making all the decisions.


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