Ex-Councillor Condemns LRT Plan


Former city councillor Gord Hunter weighed on the Ottawa light-rail plan and found it leaves much to be desired.

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3 thoughts on “Ex-Councillor Condemns LRT Plan

  1. I’d love to hear Gord’s perspective (or that of any current or past councillor) on whether there’s any transit rider that will actually benefit from the LRT, either the 2018 edition or the expanded one. I haven’t seen OC Transpo come forward with examples which makes me suspect they don’t exist.

  2. This from a councilor who had the chance to change history and who now is repeating what others have said many times before. Look now at the impact the debt will have on Ottawa taxes and the financial support which will likely be withdrawn from the bus services. Ask John Manconi how many buses were replaced in 2010 and compare the figure to the proposed replacements in 2020. Will those who have to use the multiple transfer system be happy? Not if the first and last trip is on a decaying old bus, never mind all the other inconveniences.


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