Fake President, Don Lemon, Fake President


Isn’t it pathetic that U.S. President Donald Trump has to be told about his unsafe behavior. CNN’s Don Lemon takes him to task, rightly so:



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5 thoughts on “Fake President, Don Lemon, Fake President

  1. Ken,
    Aside from the fact that threats are not a good thing, CNN, Don Lemon and company do dish out warped and fake news. And let’s not forget their fake polls. The real issue is not about Trump but about a network that provides bent or left leaning views for the most part. Having panels with four democrats and one Republican as it often does is not in my opinion balanced coverage or providing balanced opinions. If CNN is looking for respect (sadly it tends to think it’s respected) it should provide viewers with balanced fair coverage as any other media outlet should. Reality is that many don’t and CNN leads the charge.

    1. Pierre:

      I don’t think CNN dishes out fake news … whatever that is. They have very respected journalists.

      They are however caught up in the polarization of the U.S. and of the U.S. media.

      So many right-wing services, Fox News in particular, have made opinion part of hard news. The line is difficult to demarcate at the best of times but it is increasingly being blurred. I think CNN has moved left in response to right-wing media.

      As you know, I have spent many years in journalism and have seen lots of good people parsing a word to get the most accurate perception of reality. I have seen vicious arguments in newsrooms over the right word to use.

      I have a great deal of respect for my colleagues. They work well beyond the call of duty to get good stories and push the envelope of knowledge. News organizations go to court to ensure that our rights to information are defended, at great cost to the media organizations. They don’t have to do this … they do it because they think it is right.

      Journalism is practised at its highest point by organizations such as the Washington Post and New York Times. They have risked prosecution, persecution and safety in pursuit of the news. I have the greatest respect for those experts in my craft. I worked in this field for four decades … I know of what I speak. I have never seen a journalist when I’m around spreading “fake news.” Journalism is far from perfect but a lot of good people are out there practising the religion of journalism.

      The term fake news was coined by a liar, a cheat, a sexual abuser, a bully and a person who exercises such bad judgment as to be unsuitable to be president of the United States. So I ask you Pierre … do you believe Donald Trump or me?

      Here is a serial liar telling people, who work very hard to be accurate, they are liars. And now he has taken journalists’ lives into question because of his outrageously wrong actions. He is out of control.

      I’m proud of some of the great work of journalists. Former colleague Glen MacGregor broke the Patrick Brown story last night. Outstanding work from an outstanding journalist. I’m proud to know him. He practises journalism at its highest point.

      Nothing fake about Glen.

      Nothing fake about me.

      We’re journalists and proud of the work we do.



  2. Problem with CNN is that it has forgotten that it is a news channel.

    It has become very little news and lots of opinion. As well, if you only watched CNN you would think that there is no news in the world unless it was about Trump. U.S. news always had a tendency to be very insular but CNN has taken it to new levels. Even U.S. news is barely worth covering unless it involves Trump. The only other stories that seem to get any coverage on CNN other than the assorted antics of Trump and Congress are i) natural disasters (and only if they occur in the U.S.), ii) mass shootings (which invariably occur in the U.S.) and iii) terrorist attacks abroad but only if there are U.S. citizens involved.

    It seems to have a stable of about 20 to 30 of the same experts and commentators in various combinations to discuss the same stories over and over again but with different hosts.

    With regards to bias, I note that whenever there is something positive or at least neutral that has occurred with Trump (and I am no fan of Trump so I recognize that these stories are very rare), they find a negative headline about Trump to run underneath while the talking heads are talking. While they do have the odd Republican sympathizer on, most of them are bozos but I expect that might be because intelligent, thoughtful Republics such as David Frum have no use for Trump.

    I will grant that they do election coverage very well and they have those nifty interactive maps.

    1. Andrew, the problem is relatively simple. There are only 15 minutes of actual news and 24 hours of coverage. That leaves a lot of air time to fill with opinion.

      On the rare occasion when I do watch CNN, usually limited to when I am on the stationary bike at the fitness studio and someone else has the remote control, it appears the preferred format is to have a zealot on each side of the topic and a CNN personality, all shouting at the same time.

  3. Ken,
    As I indicated my comments were not in reference to Trump but to the fact that CNN slants the “news” if you can call it that. And yes there are other networks who do the same. As far as the content CNN offers, most of it is garbage in my opinion and as the previous commentator said, the same repetitious reporting in various formats. In any case, my opinion certainly was not a defence of Trump but a critique of the quality of “news” CNN provides.


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