FCA Demands Delay On Mammoth 900 Albert Project


The Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa finds major problems with the huge 900 Albert Street development and calls for a delay in its approval.

The largest high-rise project in Ottawa history that is being quickly rammed through municipal approvals.

That approval is expected to be rubber-stamped at planning committee on Tuesday and Ottawa City Council on Wednesday in an outrageous and disgusting attack on good governance, real public consultation and participatory democracy by Mayor Jim Watson, planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder and city manager Steve Kanellakos.

The letter below is from the FCA to the mayor and council and outlines the major difficulties with the proposal:


This is a vitally important issue and, if steamrollered through planning committee and council in two days, represents a serious abuse of municipal power.

Voters should remember this on Oct. 22 when the Ottawa municipal election will be held.

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2 thoughts on “FCA Demands Delay On Mammoth 900 Albert Project

  1. This will be interesting.
    Will council pretend to care and move the final vote to a later date and then unanimously approve the project?
    Will council just ram the vote through as planned with an unanimous yea?
    Will council pretend to care, vote the motion down and ask for a new proposal. Then get a new proposal with one less floor and then pass it?
    My money is on Ottawa getting a new, tall building well over 30 floors tall with lots of one bedroom expensive units and tons of parking spaces. Maybe they’ll at least plant a rose bush.


  2. Chaz. Last month when you asked readers who their heroes are I listed three, Spiderman, Snoopy and Dr. Benjamin Falk.

    I forgot to mention my fourth hero, Ralph Nader, an activist primarily known for a book entitled Unsafe at Any Speed that discussed the safety record of U.S. automobile manufacturers and became known as one of the most important journalistic pieces of the 20th century.

    A close friend from Greely once told me that our mayor and councillors work for us, not the other way around. Good for the FCA, demanding that Jim Watson and his little crew take responsibility for their actions. Every councillor should be polling their constituents, not just their close friends, and voting according to the wishes of the majority of residents in the ward when a motion is put forward at council.


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